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Element Bohrium (Nielsbohrium, Unnilseptium), Bh


The first experiments were started in 1976 by a Soviet team led by Y. Oganessian at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna, who produced isotope Bohrium-261 (symbol Bh) by bombarding Bismuth-204 with heavy nuclei of Chromium-54. In this experiment the was performed by bombarding of the fast rotating cylinder coated by a thin layer of Bismuth-204 by a tangentially directed stream of Chromium-54 ions.

This element was confirmed in 1981 by at the Heavy Ion Research Laboratory at Darmstadt. The canonic name according IUPAC nomenclature is Unnilseptium (symbol Uns). German scientists have offered name Nielsbohrium (symbol Ns) and after some corrections the final name Bohrium(symbol Bh) was accepted.


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